Audio from sher performances

Kol Tzedek Chanukah party/5th anniversary celebration, December 13, 2009:

Here is some audio from the Simcha Band’s first performance of the sher, on December 13, 2009 at Kol Tzedek’s annual Chanukah party.  This is always a special time for Kol Tzedek, as we were founded as a synagogue at our 2004 Chanukah party.  We were joined for the performance by Susan and Elaine Hoffman Watts.  Dan Blacksberg subbed on trombone as Sherri Cohen was unfortunately ill.

We were fortunate to have founding member of Kol Tzedek and Philly native Naomi Segal as our dance leader.  You will hear her voice instructing partygoers in how to dance the sher.  You will also hear the voice of our rabbi, Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, leading the congregation in the blessings for lighting the Chanukah candles and discussing the significance of the fifth anniversary of Kol Tzedek, followed by the congregation singing traditional Chanukah songs.

December 13 Chanukah party: Warming up

December 13 Chanukah party: Introductions, brachot, and shirim

December 13 Chanukah party: Learning how to dance the sher

December 13 Chanukah party: Complete sher performance (music and dance)

Compare the last clip here with the clips of us sightreading and rehearsing the sher throughout the past few months.  It’s far from perfect, but we’ve come a long way since September!


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