Audio from Kol Tzedek band rehearsals

Audio from the November 29, 2009 rehearsal

Once Sherri and Meredith had taken several lessons with Susan, it was time to introduce the sher to the rest of the Simcha Band in preparation for our December 13 Chanukah party performance. Band members Norman (violin) and Carrie Ellman (cello) had learned the sher at KlezKamp; other members were not as familiar with it.  Here are some clips of our November 29, 2009 rehearsal, at which Meredith Aska McBride (violin), Sherri Cohen (trombone) and Jon Grabelle Herrmann (flute/sax) work through the sher.

November 29 rehearsal: Sherri explains the sher to Jon; first runthrough of the sher

November 29 rehearsal: Rehearsing tunes 3 through 6

November 29 rehearsal: We discuss klezmer ornamentation and play the beginning of the sher again

November 29 rehearsal: Tune 3 through the end

November 29 rehearsal: Final playthrough

It might be interesting to compare “Tune 3 through the end” and “Final playthrough” here with similar clips from our two lessons with Susan.


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