Audio from lessons with Susan Watts

September 22, 2009 lesson

Here’s our first lesson with Susan, on September 22, 2009.

September 22 lesson: Sightreading the first tune of the sher

September 22 lesson: Susan instructs Sherri and Meredith in klezmer style

September 22 lesson: Our third attempt at playing through the first portion of the sher

September 22 lesson: Susan discusses how to differentiate each tune in the sher medley

September 22 lesson: Final playthrough

October 27, 2009 lesson

Here’s our second lesson with Susan, on October 27, 2009.  The sher medley has nine separate tunes; the first five excerpts here represent our attempts at playing through almost the entire thing at the beginning of the lesson.  Along the way, Susan gives us tips on how to play more accurately in the style.  Compare these clips to “Sightreading the first tune of the sher” and “Final playthrough” from the September 22 lesson.

October 27 lesson: First playthrough and modifying the register of one gesture

October 27 lesson: Playthrough of tune 2 and some stylistic modifications

October 27 lesson: Tunes 3 and 4 and “simpler is better” discussion

October 27 lesson: Tunes 5 and 6

October 27 lesson: Tune 7 through the end of the medley

Here are a few clips of Susan working directly with Meredith on how to change her technique from classical violin to klezmer fiddle:

October 27 lesson: Susan and Meredith discuss vibrato

October 27 lesson: Susan working with Meredith on violin technique


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